For those of our patients who live with vaginal laxity and are looking to improve their circumstances, Viveve by Dr. Poucher offers a non-surgical alternative to surgery. Viveve utilizes cutting-edge radiofrequency energy which tightens vaginal structure and tissue, dramatically improving external labial appearance, while also benefiting interior structures as well.

We are renowned for our approach, which incorporates patient comfort, precision, and trust. Services also include providing patient education, informing patients about various treatments as well as aesthetic practices that enhance our procedures and serve as a springboard for real, lasting transformation.

Collagen Loss is a Problem Faced by All Areas of the Body

Aging shows its effects all over your body, especially in vaginal tissue, which relies on collagen production just as much as other areas of your skin do for support. Childbearing can also join forces with the natural aging process to leave a feeling of vaginal looseness (laxity). It can have adverse effects on intercourse and can even bring about urinary incontinence (loss of bladder control), which millions in the US suffer from. Urinary incontinence can put a real damper on daily activities, from work to the gym, from public events to accidents at home, and everything in between.

Those who suffer from vaginal laxity experience these common problems:

  • Air flow from vaginal cavity
  • Lowered sensation and enjoyment during intimacy and intercourse
  • Increased self-consciousness

88% of physicians agree that vaginal laxity is the number one most apparent physical change after vaginal delivery. Physicians also agree that vaginal laxity is largely underreported by patients.

How Viveve Works

Viveve can be administered over the course of one 30-minute relaxing session. The procedure doesn’t require local or even topical anesthesia. Viveve provides 360 degree coverage. A non-invasive tip is circumferentially rotated around the vaginal opening, delivering precise alternating heating and cooling pulses, which activate collagen production within the tissue, causing the area to rejuvenate and reinvigorate itself.

Viveve Benefits Include:
  • Quick, painless treatment that achieves undeniable results
  • No anesthesia
  • 360 degree coverage and rotation
  • Lasting results (often a year and beyond)
  • Progressive treatment peaking at 90 days after procedure
  • Discreet treatment that can be done in a lunch hour with zero down time

Viveve Cost

Contact Viveve by Dr. Poucher today and we’ll discuss the cost of the procedure. Our patients are often surprised by the feasibility of Viveve — both in treatment duration and cost. During your initial consultation, we’ll tell you everything you need to know. We aim for full transparency as we determine the best course of treatment to suit your unique needs.

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