“Viveve really works, Dr. Poucher really impressed me with her gentle, compassionate approach. I had put off vaginal work for years until I heard about Viveve. Reading about it online convinced me to give it a go, and I ended up making one of the best decisions of my life. Thank goodness for Dr. Poucher and her team!” – Mary B.

“Dr. Poucher really takes her patient’s privacy seriously. When I was there, I didn’t see anyone and no one saw me. She was very precise with the procedure and it was overall, a painless experience. If I want to recommend anyone to my girlfriends, it would definitely be her!” – Sharon L.

“Dr. Poucher is absolutely wonderful. She had great bedside manners and was always available for contact, whether by email or phone. Speaking with someone about your issues “downstairs” is not the easiest thing to do, but I felt at ease and comfortable at her office. Just a couple of days after the procedure, I was already seeing satisfying results. Thank you doctor, I can start wearing tights without feeling self-conscious.” – Mabel C.

“Overall, I’m glad I got the work done by Dr. Poucher. She was the best doctor and professional you can get. Her personality was fantastic and made the experience all the more comforting.” – Elle A.

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