What To Do Before Arriving

Preparing for Viveve treatment is not a complex process. The first thing to do is shave the treatment area, which you can do at home. You can use an electric razor if your skin is sensitive. The “mons pubis” area does not have to be shaved, only the area around the opening of the vagina and lips. On the day of the procedure, shower and wash the treated area well with water and soap.

Preparation Steps at the Office

Before the procedure, you will have pictures taken of your vagina from the front, back, standing up, and laying down. We respect patient privacy and confidentiality, which means these photos will not be identifiable.

You can continue wearing your medical gown during the procedure so the upper half of your body remains warm. Your feet will be placed in the stirrups, and an ultrasound gel is applied before the placement of the device. The device feels like a plastic surface moving on you. The radiofrequency heats up the treated area and you will experience a warming effect. If you experience too much warmth, you can let the doctor know and it will be moved to another area.

You can speak while the device is being used. You can use this time to ask additional questions about the procedure.

What to Do When You Arrive Home

You can compare your results with the pictures taken before the procedure. Since there is no downtime, you can return home and immediately resume your regular routine. Some patients may experience an increased tendency to urinate, but this will dissipate after a few days.

We can help you answer more of your questions regarding Viveve. Contact our office by calling (800) 791-9085.

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